Smart People Talking About Interesting Things

Adam Lisagor, aka lonelysandwich, talks about Capital-C Clients at this year’s Webstock.

Modern education is failing our children, and Sir Ken Robinson details one of the major reasons why in this TED Talk from 2006.

Jason Fried, co-founder of 37 Signals, discusses the systemic barriers that prevent work from getting done at work.

Spaghetti sauce may not sound interesting, but there are important lessons to learn from it according to Malcolm Gladwell. Check out this video to learn about how spaghetti sauce, pepsi, and coffee can teach us incredibly valuable lessons when it comes to identifying personal preferences.

Today, behavioral economist Dan Ariely talks about the degree to which we are in control of our actions. I’m a huge Dan Ariely fan, and I think you should be too.

We’re back! We return with Adam Lisagor, aka @lonelysandwich, talking at UX Week 2011 about video as a user experience medium. At SPTAIT, we *love* that guy, and we think you should love that guy too.

Louis CK talks about how George Carlin inspired him to throw out his act after 15 years and become a better comic.

David Blaine talks about holding his breath for 17 minutes how to prepare and train to do really hard stuff.

Adam Savage talks about obsession over objects and the stories that they tell. This is a beautifully curated talk; the slides not only help Adam tell his story, but they also tell a story of their own.

Mike Monteiro gives the definitive talk about protecting yourself. If you do client work, have done client work, might do client work in the future, or have ever in your life made a business arrangement on a hand shake, watch this video.